Welcome to That Homeschooling Blog! Join me on my homeschooling journey as I try to tackle on Waldorf inspired approach to learning. We recently started an Oak Meadow kindergarten curriculum and have been loving it so far.

What attracts me to Waldorf is the unique style of learning based on child development. A lot of the times in homeschooling, I see a lot of worksheets being filled out and things just being checked off the list. For me, that is what turned me off about homeschooling. I just thought that there must be a different way of learning.

When I discovered Waldorf education, I was so excited about its beauty. It was overwhelming for me to see the way that things were taught but I always seems to come back to its philosophy and way of teaching time and time again. Yes I know Oak Meadow kindergarten is not “Waldorf pure” but with all that in mind I like their approach to letters and learning. It’s not worksheet based and not all table work.

With that said, I am on my own journey as all homeschooling moms. My opinion is one that is mine and means no offense to any other way of homeschooling. Let’s starts the journey.

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