Great start

I think that an important part of Waldorf education is to understand how it works. It is a deep learning technique that needs some research before diving in. When I first got started in the homeschooling realm it was really overwhelming to see all the different curriculum choices out there. I had to step back and re-evaluate myself and my teaching goals in order to finally coming to a decision for my own children.

I have found the website A Waldorf Journey really helpful as a resource and ideas about teaching. The perk for me is that Meredith, the teacher behind the blog, has started her journey in middle school and now is back to teaching lower grades. I highly recommend her blog and podcast. She did a series of videos on planning a curriculum that I found really useful. Here is the link to the video series : A Waldorf Journey

I am not a seasoned homeschooler, therefore for myself and my family we did choose Oak Meadow as a start to our journey. At this point in life I do need everything laid out for me. I also see how a person can write your own curriculum. It seems like all you need is good resources.

Definitely go check Meredith out!

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