Waldorf Resource

In the world of Waldorf education it can be a little overwhelming to see the amount of resources available. It seems like there are a lot of ways to approach the curriculum and also different things that a teacher can use to make their own curriculum.

Today I wanted to share a great resource that will start you off on the right path and no it’s actually not a book on letters or painting. It is a book that is about childhood development through the grades. The title of this book is called Rhythms of Learning and it is edited by Roberto Trostli. The link for this book on Amazon is here.

The reason why we start with child development is because that is where Waldorf starts. If you approach your children’s education, knowing where they are in their development then it becomes a lot easier to build a curriculum. Now I must give you a fair warning about this book since it does have some spiritual parts in it that would have to be filtered if you do not believe in anthroposophy. But if you can get past those parts then the knowledge about how children learn is really great.

“Are you Waldorf enough?”

There is a lot of people out there that want things a certain way if you decide to label yourself “Waldorf,” however I think that if you are building a curriculum taking child development into consideration then that is Waldorf. Please go and check this book out and let me know what you think!

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