Oak Meadow Kindergarten

Our first round of using Oak Meadow kindergarten has been going really well so far. The curriculum calls for a lot of different activities that involve movement and crafts. These past few weeks we have been working on letters A-C and for math, the curriculum calls for form drawings.

I noticed that a lot of the time it took some motivating for my kids to start doing school work in general. Now I know that some moms also struggle with this and just push through, so a lot of the time I found myself doing just that. The curriculum also stretched my own creative abilities with drawing and just creating new ideas for my kindergartener to explore the topics.

Chalk drawings

Oven bake clay forms and train form

Top left: Leaf stencils
Top right: Form 1 in MLB
Bottom left: Free hand drawing of deer in MLB
Bottom right: Walking chalk form

Overall once we get started on school time, I have noticed that the content is very enjoyable. I think that it takes a lot of planning out. It seems like the day just goes away from me and I start wondering how I am going to make everything else happen in my home that needs to happen. So definitely a lot of planning is required of me as an educator to make sure that throughout the day we have time to complete certain tasks.

In the garden:

I am happy to have things finally growing in our garden. I am not a green thumb so to see growth is amazing to me. I learn along with my own kids how to take care of things and help soil with new things. The kiddos are very excited to help which has been really encouraging. Although we did have birds eating half of our vegetables and had to put up CDs. Supposedly that helps.

Other happenings:

Taking a hike in our local mountains to get out as a homeschooler and also celebrating the Feast of the Cross for which the activity for the children can be found here.

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