Waldorf Rhythm

Do you have rhythm? It’s a word that gets used a lot in Waldorf circles and for a right reason. Rhythm sets you up for a successful year, month and day. A lot seems to go into planning a rhythm but once it’s done there is a great comfort knowing that you know what the rest of the month looks like.

There are four main categories for the rhythm:





First let’s start with the year.

Looking at the year, it’s important to look at holidays or festivals and birthdays that you know are going to be important to your family. So I have a big calendar at the beginning of my planning and just map out time that we are definitely going to take off. We are Orthodox Christians, so there are many “feasts” in our calendar and I make sure to go through them all as well as adding birthday time off. A great resource for creating one you can put on your school wall so the children can see, along with a free printable is here.

After the year is laid out in a rough draft, you can start looking at the individual month.

With each month I look to see how many days we will have to actually do school. If a major feast lands on that day and we are busy preparing for, then there is no way we are adding school to check off our list. With the month school days in mind then you can go onto the week.

On a typical week, this is how our school time is laid out. I keep it up as a reminder for which subject I need to do for that day as well as a chore. Now I really try to keep this simple outline as I know that things come up in the week or certain errands need to change. After that is broken down then it’s time to move onto the day.

Now please don’t criticize my artist abilities here but I do try to draw little pictures on the bottom for my kids so they also know what we are going to be doing that day. I also think it’s important to have your activities planned around meal times. There may be time when after breakfast is the best time for school time. Other times it’s after lunch. This greatly depends on your kids.

Now with everything planned out I think that it’s important to keep in mind your own families well being. How do you do that? Keep track of your day and what you did.

Did it add a balance to your day? Did it totally waste your time? Was there something else that you could have done that the kids would have enjoyed? Make one change at a time for the next day and see how it goes. For example, I tend to spend way to much time on my phone in the morning (shocking!) so I try to really cut that time so I can be present with my kids. That attention from me in the morning for them is a golden recipe for a good day.

I hope this was helpful to you. For my own family it took me a long time to realize that I needed to create a rhythm. I was always the “let’s just wing it” kind of gal at one point and there are days I am still like that but now there’s a framework that I go back to. It has helped me know the personalities in my tribe way better as well.

I would love to know what has helped you build your own rhythm? Do you plan for the year or just “wing it?” Does that work for you? Let me know your thoughts.

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