Kindergarten Circle Time

Do you cringe at the idea of circle time? What songs do you sing? How long should it be? I once listened to a podcast about the importance of circle time, especially within the Waldorf early grades and kindergarten. When I first heard about this idea I thought to myself that is not going to be my morning. I, by nature, am not a musical person. Nor a crafty/artsy one. So you can see how circle time is a challenge for me.

I think that an important thing to remember about circle time has been to see it as a warm up gathering to your homeschooling time together. The children need to warm up their minds and hands. I never really saw the importance of that and on some days when I was met with resistance I forgot it altogether. Now I enjoy it a lot more. A lot of that had to do with me letting go of my own ideas of what “should be.”

Today I invite you to share in the silliness. Sure we might look weird dancing around or look as if we remember that rhyme (when we really don’t shhhh) but that is the beauty of it. Our circle time consists of opening verse used in the Oak Meadow kindergarten curriculum and other finger plays within the seasons we have found fun.

Some of our favorite circle time rhymes:

Morning has come

Night is away

We rise with the sun to welcome the day


Summer goodbye summer goodbye

You may no longer stay autumn is on its way

Summer goodbye


Like a leaf or a feather in the windy autumn weather

We turn around and around (twirling around)

We turn around and around (twirling the other way)

And we all fall down together (fall to the ground)

Closing Verse:

Guide my hands left and right

That I may work with all of my might

Trying to keep it to three rhymes is enough for us. Here is a great resource for Autumn circle time songs and rhymes. Pick some that stick out to you and try to change some out each month. We do keep the opening/closing verses the same all the time.


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