Kindergarten Science

All the leaves are falling down yellow, red, orange and brown

It’s that time in the season again. It’s apple cider and pumpkins time! It’s Fall! To celebrate this great season there are tons of activities that could be done with the family. It is a time to start looking inward. The season is telling us to start preparing for slowing down, cozying up with family over a story. Nature is telling us to sleep longer with it’s longer nights. Homeschooling takes a turn with different things we can use in nature for science. Leaves become endless activities, trees become observations.

There are many different activities that could be done for science but I really like to encourage using science with nature. Especially in kindergarten, the world is a fascinating place. Here are my top five science activities that could be done at no curriculum cost!

1. Leaf Activities

-Collect leaves, press them, arrange them into groups (smallest to largest, same colors, same shapes)

2. Painting with Pumpkins

– Use old dying pumpkins and cut them in half

– Use seasonal colors for paint and the pumpkins as the paintbrushes

-Hang them up for decorative seasonal artwork

3. Special Tree

-Find a tree you can visit often

-Give it a name

-Visit it throughout the season, lay under its branches, watch the wind take the leaves off and sway the branches

4. Trace Leaves

-Use your collected leaves and trace them

-Color them in blending yellow and red together and making orange

5. Leaf Stencils

-Use collected leaves and tape them on paper

-Put down several colors on a large tray

-Have your child experiment with colors and try to get one that matches the different leaves on their paper.

Some might wonder why we are not mixing things and making them explode in science and I am sure that day will come. But for now we are using things that we have on hand and all around us. One thing that has really caught my eye about children is that they pay attention more to details in nature. That observation alone is science.

Happy Fall!

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