Letter Activities

There are lots of ways to do letter activities with your children. But what are some creative ways?

Oak Meadow kindergarten curriculum has lots of ideas for letter learning but it also forces you to look outside the box and see things differently. It is a Waldorf inspired curriculum and has all the artistic elements within a Waldorf curriculum. One thing that is encouraged when using the curriculum is to use all aspects of life while exploring the different letters such as seeing the letter in nature or exploring it with cooking. They do give you some ideas of what to do in the lessons but sometimes it’s hard to come up of new ones for your little one in order to not be so repetitive.

So here are our own favorite activities that we have come to love doing. It takes into consideration the hands, heart and head that is known in the Waldorf circles.

1. Walking the letters

This one is pretty easy, just taking some play silks and form the letter on the ground. Then have your child walk the letter. It seems very basic but the reason why we keep doing this is because I notice a real difference when they experience it with their body first.

2. Clay letters

Take some sculpey clay and have your child form the letter. We like to use white clay that can be found here. I personally like the white better than the color ones simply because we can bake them and then paint them. It’s like having two projects in one!

3. Using body to form letter

Have your child create the letter by bending and twisting their body. This can get difficult with some letters. Sometimes it takes two people to form one letter. We also use our bodies to pretend to be animals that the letter starts with.

4. Drawing in the Main Lesson Book

I think that Waldorf is knowns for these letters that form out of ordinary things. Such as gAtes and Bears. We do not use special MLB notebooks from a Waldorf resource but we just use simple sketch pads. I think they work the same and cost a lot less.

5. Needle Felted Letters

This one is good for hand coordination for the littles. You will have to be comfortable with your child using the needle pen. Yes it is sharp (yikes!) but if you get this one the needles are shorter, making it easier to use for smaller hands. Now you will also need to have felt and have your child pick out their favorite color wool. We are currently making an alphabet banner. So every week we add a letter. The foam mat is really optional but very helpful. My little one was skeptical of the needle felt pen at first and I had to show him how to use it slowly but now he seems to have the hang of it.

These are some of our favorite activities to repeat with all the letters. There are many more you can do such as:

-baking with the letter of the week (we baked cookies for C)

-gardening with the letter (planting daffodils for D, picking berries for B)

-peg doll storytelling (To retell the story)

As you can see there is a lot of variety in here while working on letters. I hope you can find some ideas for your own Waldorf inspired journey.

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