Letter D and Number 1

This week was such an exciting learning week! In the Oak Meadow kindergarten curriculum, we are finishing up with week 5 now. The focus for this week was the letter D and we did some of our favorite letter activities for this letter.

This included:

-Felt letter banner

-Walking the letter

-Using our bodies to form the letter

-Putting our letter in our notebook to form a D in the door

-Eating dragon fruit

Dragon fruit was a great find since it also helped us make our smoothie with one ingredients for the number 1 which we also explored.

I really liked how this curriculum does not look at just the number 1, but instead looks at the whole and then breaks it down into parts. That is one thing that is seen a lot in the Waldorf circles. It focuses on the whole idea first and then breaks it down.

A while ago while I was considering the Montessori method for our home we purchased the Montessori Globe and also the Montessori Puzzle. I have used both of these items for various activities with my little ones, but this week I got to use our globe to describe how our world is so big with so many people but it’s still only one earth. We also talked about houses and families that live inside. How there are many different members of the family but they all live in one house.

And we talked about the sun and got some art time in to explore colors yellow and red together. It is such fun to see the kids realize they make orange and they try to blend the colors together.

Finally, we decided to take full advantage of warm weather and people being done with summer break 🙂 and head straight to the beach for some fun in the sun.

I think that what saves us the most is our strong family rhythm. I really took this seriously when sitting down and planning out my year and that’s why it’s so much easier to go back to something that’s familiar when we do have random field trips.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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