Self Care for Moms

Yep I did it… I’m talking about what moms know to be non existent at times. Self care. Everyone seems to talk about it but yet within most moms circles I’ve been at, the moms have a hard time coming up with either time or resources to do any self care. I do believe it is vital for the mom, especially in a homeschool setting, to do self care regularly. Mothers set the space and hold the space for their children and their homeschooling. For us it has become part of planning our rhythms and budget. Happy mom = Happy home.

It has been my experience that if I am snapping at my children then that is when I have been letting my own cup not be filled. Now before I get into the practical how to I want to say that there are different seasons in life. What works for self care today might not work for the next season. There might be financial restrictions in some seasons but that doesn’t mean to let self care drown in the ditch. This is why I wanted to share some very simple ways that might work and hopefully you get some of your own routines from it.

Seems a little strange to suggest to drink coffee by yourself? Well if you have early risers(raising my hand here) it’s almost impossible to actually get a cup of coffee in before the demands of breakfast come rolling in. There are a few things you can do here. You can wake up earlier than your kids to enjoy your cup of coffee in the morning, but I understand that’s not possible all the time, so the second thing is to make the breakfast for your kids first and then have your coffee alone in a different room.

When I do not wake up earlier than my kids or there was a bad night with all my kids waking up at night, I tend to always do the second choice. It helps to just kind of sit by yourself sometimes and enjoy coffee/tea to start the day off.

There is something therapeutic about handwork. When there is something on my mind, every stitch becomes a thought I am working out. Handwork does not just mean knitting or crocheting. You can also do art as handwork or woodworking. Sometimes I considered cooking dinner an art form and a creative self care. It is part of self care because you are creating something you love. When our worlds seem to be at someone else’s schedule all day and you create something you love from your heart it can be a great self care tool. Giving yourself that time is an easy way to enjoy small things in life. You might get interrupted by children along the way but think of the end result of your handwork. Your heart going into it. Your family enjoying that meal or enjoying that knitted scarf.

Activate your senses with some aromatherapy. I do use essential oils when I need them. I use this diffuser for my oils. It works really well and has an intermittent setting so you can have it diffuse throughout the night. The best mix for relaxation is 3 drops of Plant Therapy Camomile and 3 drops of Plant Therapy Lavender. The Plant Therapy brand of essential oils is really great quality and half the price of most essential oils available.

But I also want to say you don’t need a diffuser to activate your sense of smell. You can literally smell the roses or whatever flower you prefer. You can also use cooking in this sense and cook something that smells delicious. Using our sense of smell can give our brains a nice self care break. Speaking of breaks…

Give yourself permission to take a five minute break. At times that five minutes might just be in the bathroom by yourself. There have been plenty of times where I went to the restroom and locked the door and took a time out. That is ok to do as long as your kids outside are safe of course. Just to splash water on your face or just take deep breaths, give yourself permission to take a break from your day.

Finally, take some time to reflect. This might look different for you depending on your own season but reflect on your children and what they need or reflect at the end of the day on how your day went. Is there something in your rhythm that needs to change? Something that can be added to benefit the home? Reflections can happen in the morning, afternoon or evening. There really is no set time to do reflections and you can use journaling as a way of reflection also. Reflection is part of your self care because it resets your mind. It’s that time alone to think away from the chaos.

As you can tell from these examples, self care does not have to be extravagant. You might be able to get away for an hour a week and take a hike or not. The idea here is to do something to keep your cup full. Have you noticed that if you do keep your cup full then those crazy things your kids do are are more understandable?

If you haven’t been practicing self care here is the time to start on the right foot. I am including a free printable for you in hopes that you can think of five things either from here or some of your own to get you going this week.

Click to download your free printable.

Many blessings your way.

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