Favorite books for Fall

Books are a great way to talk about things that are going on outside with your kids. Plus add the extra cuddle time on the couch and some hot apple cider there is just something so cozy about that. Even if we do live in California, I do try my best to have my kids notice the seasonal changes that do happen if we pay close attention.

Today I wanted to share our favorite books we use in our book basket by the couch that I like to use for seasonal books. Here are some of our favorite:

Woody, Hazel and Lil Pip

Christopher’s Harvest Time

Children of the Forest



Every Autumn comes a Bear

Around the Year

I have not had much luck with finding Elsa Beskow books in my local library but her books and illustrations are so beautiful we have a lot of her books we purchased. Your local library will probably have most of these, I really like to have a lot of seasonal books in my house so that way I do not have to keep digging in the library for them. Hope you enjoy these!

Don’t forget that cup of warm apple cider!

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