5 Cheap Waldorf Toys

Sometimes I look at the Waldorf toy list and get a little anxiety. Sure they last longer since they are wooden but really, I am hesitant to buy a $15 wooden toy just because it’s considered Waldorf. I’ve compiled a list of our top 5 toys and games that I guess you can consider “Waldorf” that still will not break your bank.

Play Silks are one of those things that I have avoided buying for a long time. I honestly thought they would never get played with since they are so simple. I was really wrong about that. These silks have turned into so many things with my kids imagination that I have lost count. They really are worth the price for what you get out of them. Probably the best open ended toy we have.

Cooperative games have become my favorite type of board games. There are different board games available now that are cooperative games for all age ranges. Our favorite have been:

Dinosaur Escape

Race to the Treasure

Friends and Neighbors

Playing these board games teaches taking turns and how to work together. I have also found myself relating some of my strategies or speak according to the rhymes of these games.

Eeboo Story Cards are great for creating stories. I’ve never been a great story teller and I have learned to tell stories on the fly now thanks to these cards. They just have pictures on the cards so it’s up to you or your child to make up the stories. They also have different themed cards available.

Spinning Tops have been one of those things that turns into a lot of games also. My boys try to crash them into each other. Have a race with them or see how long one spins over the other. They have counted the things they can do while they spin or just plain watch them. It helps with their little fingers and coordination as well.

Peg Dolls and what could be made with them was introduced to me through this book. Ever since then my kids have been asking to make their own little characters they have wanted to include in their play. I also have made some requested ones that they wanted a certain way. Most of the time they are happy with their own creations with the peg dolls. They give them eyes and outfits and really just use their imagination for character creation.

So there you go, our top toys that we continue to use through different stages of growth and development I still consider Waldorf that will not break your bank.

Do you have any favorites?

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