Letter F and Number 2

Rounding out week 7 here with our Oak Meadow kindergarten curriculum. Time seems to be flying by while trying to keep up with everything and everybody! I used a different story than the one suggested in the book simply because I found it fitting to use the story of Christ and the feeding of the 5,000 with two fish and five loads of bread for the letter F. I am beginning to think that I can definitely write my own curriculum at this point, especially using bible stories for letters. I plan on moving forward in that way while I still can do it within a curriculum. Plus, flexibility is what homeschooling is all about!

I find myself really excited to be thinking about what type of picture I will be drawing that week. I am not an artist by nature so I feel like this really stretches me as well as my child. Honestly I’ve never even been a artsy person or a crafty person, yet here I am trying to stretch myself for the sake of teaching. Also working on handwork and practicing music for 1st grade next year is really new to me as well. I am enjoying it so far but in all honesty do have days where I want to give up.

Along with the letter we also moved on to the number 2. The concept of opposites was the best way that I could explain “two” and started talking about

-day and night

-high and low

-light and heavy

-full and empty

-near and far

-boys and girls

-big and small

Science for us this week was observing birds in our area. We live in a one season climate in California near the beach so there really is no migration of birds to look for. But we are fortunate to live next to a lot of wildlife that does live near the beach.

Fall is still in the air here though and with a short drive away to meet our homeschooling group we ended up going to a pumpkin patch and got lost in some corn mazes.

Hope you had a good homeschooling week!

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