Introvert Homeschool Survival

Are you an introvert? Are you homeschooling? What do you do when you need your own alone time but are constantly surrounded by people. Going to events for your homeschooling children to socialize usually requires you being social with other moms as well. It is great to be social with others but what if you need that alone time and can’t seem to ever get it?

I recently read a book called Quiet by Susan Cain which confirmed my theory about myself, that I am an introvert. It is actually not a bad thing to be in a society that seems to look very extrovert. I like my quiet and it’s how I recharge. Being surrounded by kids all day has drained me so some things had to change for me to keep my own sanity. In the end we are the ones that set the tone for the house. I wanted to share with you some simple tips that I hope can help you keep your own introvert sanity.

I think that implementing quiet time at my house and keeping it going has been a life saver for me. I let it go for a while but then realized that I started to get super drained again and realized that quiet time was not happening every day. I have to separate my kids in different rooms. I tried it for a while where they play together and it turned into a huge brawl in their room. I think they enjoy their own quiet time now. We mostly use:




We do not use electronics really besides the audiobooks, it has taken a few years for trial and error though to see what works. I encourage you to not give up and keep looking for what works for your family quiet time. For us it’s in the afternoon before an outing, for others it’s before lunchtime. Look at your own rhythm and set the space for quiet.

Someone once told me while I was a young mother to take a break and go look at isles in the grocery store. I thought she was joking, little did I know that I would be following her wise advice for my benefit weekly. Besides getting a break from your kids, you also get a break from the comments about your kids (if you have more than 3) and it almost makes you feel sane again to not have to rush through the grocery store like you’re in some sort of contest to see how fast you can get out of there without forgetting anything. I used to take my kids to the store and even when I had only two it was a hard thing to do every week. So schedule that time with your partner or swap babysitting with a friend. You can also wait till your kids are asleep and your partner is at home and then go. It’s like therapy to me. Weird but it works.

Now, I realize there are lots of different seasons in a mothers life. At times when I had a new baby that never slept it was impossible for me to wake up early. Sometimes that is possible but staying up later to finish what you need or have some quiet time is what I had to do sometimes. Look at you own season and see which you can do. Doing my personal prayers in the morning we’re so beneficial to me at one point I thought it could never be the same at night time, but then my schedule flipped and I did my personal prayer at night. It just depends where you are at in your life. This leads me to…

Early bedtime is a win for both parties. Your kids get the sleep they need and you get the time you need. This also took me a long time to figure out. I realized my kids wake up at the same time weather they go to sleep early or later so we just started doing a 7pm bedtime. It’s worked for a long time now. If your kids are older then that is their reading time. We got out kids a “special light” which they can use in their beds to look or read books. This has served as a date night time for me and my husband as well. Having a 7pm bedtime sets you up for a predictable schedule if you need s babysitter or just a quiet time with your spouse.

Homeschooling does not have to leave you drained if you’re an introvert. I hope you found some of these simple strategies useful. What are your tips that keep you going?

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