Waldorf Crayon Comparison

Many of you out there are in the same spot that I am in for Waldorf supplies. Some items are expensive and there are different options out there that seem like a better fit but do they really compare? Today I wanted to compare two separate crayon brands, one brand Stockmar, and the other Faber Castell. Both have the beeswax crayon option but the prices vary tremendously.

First let’s talk about the prices. Stockmar set of 12 crayons is around $23 while in comparison the beeswax Faber Castell set of 12 is only $14. It’s a $10 difference here but if you are getting other Waldorf supplies such as paints and main lesson books then that $10 might matter in the long run.

Next, I wanted to compare quality. We have used both in our homeschooling and I honestly cannot tell the difference in the crayons. They both have the same smooth glide to them because of the beeswax. The only thing I noticed about the Faber Castell crayons is that the paper that is on the crayons always seemed to roll down while my son was using it so I decided to take the paper off altogether.

The Stockmar crayons also come in a different case. If you plan on using a crayon roll for your crayons then the case does not matter that much but if you want to keep your crayons in the case then Stockmar has a nicer looking one. Now there is one big difference between the two brands that I noticed and that difference might matter in the earlier grades.

Stockmar brand are the only ones that carry the block crayons that are usually used in the lower grades in Waldorf education. These crayons are really great because they, first off, do not break. I have kids that constantly break crayons in half(are mine the only ones?) and it’s hard to invest in more higher quality products if that’s what they just choose to do all the time. These crayons are also great for little hands grip since they do not have full control of their hold yet.

With whatever products we end up getting that is higher quality, I always usually use it only for school time. The paints and paintbrushes are other examples that can be on the high price scale, those are items that I definitely store away and use for our lessons. Overall, I think if you want to go with saving price, then Faber Castell is the way to go in terms of crayons. They also have color pencils that are cheaper than Stockmar color pencils but that is a different comparison. I will say however that the Stockmar block crayons are really worth the buy, especially if you are working with kindergarten and 1st grade.

I hope this is helpful to some of you out there trying to save a dime on your Waldorf supplies!

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