Letter G and number 3

This week we also did something’s outside our curriculum stories. I find that it is a lot easier during this early time to not use the stories in the curriculum and introduce the letters using some other stories. Planning this process out I have to keep in mind the chalkboard drawing that I will be doing ahead of time and try to create the letter out of that image, as it is the Waldorf way.

I guess you could say that I am using mostly church related stories. This week for example I used the story Glow which describes how beeswax candles go from bees to the monastery and then the church. We lit our own candle in the dark room to see if we can see our own glow. I still am leaning towards finishing up the letters this way, I will have to re-evaluate things next year since 1st grade in Waldorf is fairy tales with letters.

Moving on to number 3, I guess for us the easiest way to explain it is through the Trinity. I have a poem that we used for the Trinity, and will continue to use it next week as we continue with 3.

The story that came with the curriculum was The Three Kings. We decided to do a freestyle drawing of the story. I thought it was a nice story to explain things coming together to make one. Painting fun with 3 primarily colors so they can all meet in the middle was part of the curriculum as well.

Overall I guess you can say that we are still using the Oak Meadow curriculum for ideas but I now see more and more how easy it is to really just write your own Waldorf curriculum. I use a lot of their ideas for science, which is a lot of observation at this point but I always feel like I need ideas to discuss things that are going on outside. We are also moving on in the health curriculum to start talking about safety as a next unit.

Hope yours was a successful week!

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