Homeschool Burnout

We have a lot on our plate as mothers. There’s cleaning, cooking, taking care of kids and homeschooling. Seems like our plate is always full and there’s not enough time in the day to finish everything. A lot of times we have a huge to-do list that we are just crossing off and end up missing the point of why we are homeschooling in the first place.

Notice your frustration

I think the big step in knowing you are about to burnout is to first notice your own frustration. Are you super short with your kids? Are you irritated at the small things? Are you yelling? Are you having a hard time regulating yourself?

Noticing your body tense up or even if you are noticing that you are already doing these things means you are on your way to burnout. These things that are already in motion mean that you need to change something before you hear your face hitting the pavement.

Letting go

Sometimes it’s just better to leave everything and go outside. As homemakers and homeschoolers, we tend to be homebodies as well. Letting go of the mess sometimes and just going for a walk can do wonders. It can even mean on some days to let go of homeschooling altogether for the day. When I am having a particularly hard day and just see myself being angry and checking off my own to-do list, I tend to just let go of it all and go to the park or the beach. Anything that involves going outside. It’s great for the kids also!

Re-center yourself

I am not the person that thinks self care is bad. I think we tend to be always sacrificing too much as homeschooling moms on the altar of motherhood. I am not sure where these ideas of total sacrifice comes from, but I see that self care is essential in avoiding burnout. It does not have to be this crazy experience of going on a weekend gateway, you can just give yourself time.

-shower by yourself

-praying/meditating for 5 min by yourself

-read a chapter in an inspirational book

-color in adult color book

-go for a short walk


This shelf care will help you just feel better because you are doing something for yourself and it always gives the motivation to keep going on to the next moment. Once you are re-centered it is easier to move on to the next phase of life, which may mean re-evaluating your schedule or move on with the schedule you already have.

In the midst of burnout

Let yourself feel the feelings and ride it like a wave. You do not have to dismiss the sadness or frustration, just feel it. Let yourself cry if you need to, let yourself take a nap if that’s what you need. This moment will pass and there will be light at the end. Remind yourself of other moments that you did get through. Hold onto that hope. Try to stay present as much as possible while you’re within a burnout zone. Just notice your breath or senses and keep going back to it moment to moment, until your day is done. Then re-evaluate your schedule again or self care plan.

I hope some of these tips are helpful to you dear reader, in avoiding your own burnout. It is a very real thing for mothers and a lot of times is not talked about it because we somehow feel we must do it all. Hopefully bringing some attention to it will make you feel ok about it and face it. It can make a world of a difference.

Feel free to let me know how you deal with burnout? How did you recover? How do you prevent it from happening again?

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