Reading Nook

Books, books, books. We all love our books. We have so many books that I might have to do a minimalist book challenge soon. I try to read to my children as much as possible. I also try to read books that I like as much as possible so my kids see me enjoy reading as well. In our house we have spots that we like to call “nooks” where we created a space that just welcomes the cuddles and warmth or reading together.

Is there a spot in your house that you like to read at? Is it a couch or a corner? Is it welcoming everyone in the house to join you? Is there good light hitting it throughout the day or is there artificial light you can put up? Are books accessible in that space?

Our nook is this great corner of the living room that sort of just happened naturally. It seems like where the books are set up, the corner will follow. The children have their own bookcase with their books and we have a separate bin for library books, so they don’t get lost.

Choose books that you love to read

Filling the kids bookshelf with kids that you like to actually read is important, you will most likely have to read them over and over again. Beautiful picture books are great since they are just great to look at and talk about. We also have a lot of real life National Geographic picture books that we use to just look at pictures.

Comfortable cushioning

One you have a spot at the house , and a good set of books, you’re ready to set up the comfort spot. Use soft cushions that you can just melt into, we love bean bag chairs just for this reason. I can sit there for hours and just read with my kids in one of those. You can also use pillows and rugs on the floor if that’s what you like. The key is to welcome comfort.

Special reading times

Most of the time my kids will be the ones to ask me to read for them, but I found it helpful also to have a quiet time where they read to each other or by themselves important to our family. If you are just setting up a reading nook and no one is using it, then be the one to initiate the reading time with them. Invite them into the zone and start developing that habit with them first.

In a lot of ways, reading is our relaxing time. The nook has become our quiet place where we enjoy a nice time-out (in a good way).

I hope that this gives you some inspiration and ideas, as well as encouragement, to create your own reading nook. It might be a space that’s on the couch that you need to add a bookshelf in, whatever that may look like, fill it with cuddles and love between yourself and your kids.

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