November Celebrations

November marks a great point of the year. The weather is not really cold yet, the leaves have either started turning or have turned and are falling. The seasonal change is noticeable with Thanksgiving approaching and families getting together. For Orthodox Christians, the Nativity Fast begins and we start preparing for Christmas by fasting. Wherever you are in the US (or other countries) November can be filled with many celebrations.

Church Celebrations

November 8th, Synaxis of the Archangels

– November 13th, St.John Chrysostom

– November 15th Nativity Fast begins

– November 20, Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple

Other Celebrations

– November 11th Martinmas

– November 22nd Thanksgiving Day

Activity ideas

Make lanterns with your kids and do a lantern walk for Martinmas

– Create a “I am thankful for” jar and put something inside everyday, then read all the notes on Thanksgiving Day

– Bake a pie to fill your house with warmth and yummy smells

– Jump in leaf piles

– Go on walks and notice the bird nests in the empty trees

– Volunteer at a soup kitchen

– Bring someone a meal

– Have a friends and family movie night and make popcorn together and serve each other

Inner Work

Start a journal and write down what you’re thankful for everyday

– Practice bringing peace to the family table

– Practice letting go of the “end results ” in family gatherings

– Pray/ Meditate for 5 min everyday. Set a timer make it for longer if you can

These are some of our families favorite things to do this month! I hope you get ideas from it and make some your own!

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