Minimalist Kids Birthday

Birthdays are a time where things can really get wild and crazy. Lots of sugar, new toys and lots of noise can be really over stimulating to young children. While our own family is still trying to figure out a good balance, I wanted to share with you some minimalist birthday ideas that can create some calm in the middle of planning.

Party games

Whatever happened to birthday games at a party? Here are some old time favorites you can incorporate back into your party.

– Pin the tail on the donkey

– Duck duck goose

– Musical chairs

– Bust the ballon

Any Google search on any off these will give you how to play them as well as organize your birthday party.

Food (keeping it simple)

Food can be one of those things that can get overwhelming. There’s the quantity of food you have to consider and also the processed food and sugar usually = crazy kids. I like to keep things on the fruit side of things for this.

– Fruit and nut energy balls (easy to make if you have a food processor like this)

– Fruit pie

– Fried bananas

– Hummus and veggies

– Apple slices and almond butter

How can I not mention a cake!? I try to bake my own cake for my kids for their birthdays but I am no Martha Stewart. When our birthdays fall on fasting days then we use the vegan chocolate cake recipe in Chloe’s Kitchen Cookbook there’s even a vegan frosting recipe in there and a vanilla vegan cake recipe!

Party Favor Ideas

Kids love party favors, some of our favorites are really cheap and are easy to find in a time crunch.

– Playdough

– Bubble wands

– Temporary tattoo kit

Planter and Seed Kit

Needle Felting Kit (8yrs and up)

There have been times when we have had themed birthdays and there have been times when we enjoyed getting face painting kits and set up stations for kids to have fun in creating characters. Whatever your preference is for a birthday party, I hope you found some good minimalistic ideas to make your own.

Don’t forget the thank you cards your child can create as a craft project! Nothing like a personalized thank you card.


  1. Thanks for the great post. We try to do a similar thinin our home, and I liked your party favor and theme ideas.

    We have taken the minimalist idea a bit further by requesting funds towards museum/zoo memberships from relatives who insist on getting a gift. We also have our children go through their toys before their birthdays and decided which ones should find new homes with children who might not have toys.

    Thanks again for all the great information.


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