Learning Letter I

Building your own curriculum is the beauty of homeschooling. I’ve really taken this Oak Meadow curriculum and am implementing my own religious resources to build the letter introduction part. This week we use the Holy Icon collection of books for the letter I.

Waldorf and Unschooling

So the thing about curriculum is that there is no one size fits all. I think a lot of moms use different supplements and do what works for their family which is totally fine. On the days that I’m prepared then I’ll do a total formal letter and MLB work with my child but on the days that I feel sluggish I turn to the unschooling way of doing things.

There is a great book The three R’s that is geared towards unschooling, and is a great resource if you want to use your own supplement without breaking your bank. I highly recommend it. It pretty much breaks down the core subjects in a very doable manner. It also goes with the the breakdown of whole part teaching to smaller parts.


This week we mainly talked about opposites that my child could relate to.

– small and big

– high and low

– full and empty

– old and young

We used this book to look at more concepts and then drew one that appealed to my son the most. We also did some measuring with objects such as cars and apples to see how many objects it would take to measure the longer object.


Go outside with your homeschooler and sit there during the day to see how many sounds you can hear. How many birds in the trees? What kind of birds? Do you hear rustling in the bushes? Who could that be? Do you hear leaves crunching under your feet? Lawnmower? Now do the same thing at night. The experience might be a little different.

This is not only a great exercise for practicing quiet but also helps your homeschooler be more aware of their surroundings. It’s so great for kids to get out into nature. You don’t have to make it into a formal lesson of classifying sounds and birds but just observe at first. If you have older kiddos then you can do some nature journaling. The sound difference between night and day made a big impact on my kindergartener.

That was our homeschooling week! Overall it is a good journey so far which is encouraging to me. We are diving into talking about safety right now also and learning about asking for help and different people in uniforms such as police officers. I am enjoying it a lot and taking a homeschooling break for Thanksgiving. Pheewww!

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