How to Recharge

Right around this time of the year it is easy to start feeling a little worn out. There is the holiday season to think about that is coming up and along with that comes a lot of stress for some people. For some homeschooling moms it’s time to re-evaluate curriculum or see what needs to change. It’s seems like a lot of us can get lost in the hustle and bustle of things and forget to recharge ourselves and by the end of the year we somehow have to start all over again on batteries that are running on empty.

Eating Healthy

The type of food that we consume over the holiday season sometimes is on the extreme end of bad. The cookies and the pies and the extra stuffing can add up if we are attending holiday gatherings then making cookies with our kids. Trying to be mindful of what you eat is a hard thing to do during the holidays but it is crucial in recharging your batteries. Eating smart will help you feel better and keeping you going. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your diet and see which foods help you feel better and which one do the opposite.


Do you exercise everyday? Is the exercise something you love? Is it something that you can incorporate into your busy life? Maybe you can take a walk for starters or do a Pilates class? What gets your blood flowing when it comes to exercise? It’s been proven that exercise is very effective when it comes to stress reduction so what does that look like for you right now? If you are too busy maybe you can take you kids along on a walk or talk with your partner to watch them for an hour while you work out.


This area we tend to forget a lot about when we are busy because instead of sleeping we stay up late and “get things done.” This really does not help anyone. If you have sleep that recharged your body then you can handle stress easier and bring more peace into your life. If you have little kids then you might have to get creative with going to bed earlier or taking naps in the day. I also want to mention sleep for children here since that goes hand in hand with stress. Having kids that get enough sleep means less tantrums. Have you ever noticed that about your children? If they are well rested then they seem more functional?

These are my favorite things to remind myself of during the holiday season because I tend to forget so easily about my own needs as a homeschooling mom. If I shift my focus a little bit and just be mindful of where I’m spending my energy then it’s easier to see the energy draining places and what actually recharges my batteries. I hope that some of these were a good reminder to you as well.

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