Guide to teaching letters

I wanted to share a very simple way to teach letters and writing to your child. I use this with all the letters that we know already and then add on every week. This also starts your child off on copy work and spelling… no curriculum necessary!

Every time I introduce a letter we usually talk about the sound of the letter more than the actual letter name. You really do not have to do the alphabet in order but that is just my own personal choice to keep myself on track. You can start off with words that your child knows, the best is their name. So say you child’s name is John and use that as an example.

Say to your child “ok your name begins with a J like John or j-j-jet,” then write his name down on the board and have him copy it. He might want to practice that for a while since children really love writing their names. Afterwards you can use the same J sound with other words. You can ask your child if they can think of any other words that begin with a J sound. A jet, jam, jelly, joker. And write all those out and have your child copy.

You can do this with most familiar sounds first and as long as the child seems interested. After you have the J sound down you can move on to other names he know such as friends names or popular words that they use. I usually focus on one letter a week and practice writing every day. Then they get to a point where they start recognizing letters they know within other words like the letter A.

The sounds of the letters are important if you want your child for pre-reading. It is easier for them to sound it out. The blending part is the next part of the process. For this first part though you want to get your child to recognize the letters when they are written out and the form of the letter. Do not worry about staying within the lines, they will get that part later, just focus more on the form no matter how big your child’s letter ends up being.

When we review our letters I just have them laid out and we try to think of words that start with that letter and then write the word out. Right now we have enough letters to form words that he knows.

This is a pretty simple process to learning letters and sounds. It’s great if you are not wanting to use a curriculum and write your own. I hope it helps!

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