Winter Rhythm

Winter is upon us! There is this coziness that’s in the air. It’s a natural time to go inward and contemplate. It’s a time to ponder on the year to come and see if you need to make changes. Sometimes it’s a time of rest from homeschooling in general to spend more time focusing on the holidays.

Children in general do better with a rhythm. Is it possible to establish a winter rhythm so you can enjoy this coziness? What do you need to think about?

Outdoor activities

Write a list of all the things that you would like to do outside. Is it the towns Christmas tree lighting? It maybe sledding down a hill. Or a outdoor scavenger hunt? Whatever is important to your family to do outdoors this season, writing it down and making it concrete can give you more of a plan with your outings and rhythm. Are walks important to your family? When is the best time to go for a walk outside during the cold? Are you signing at peoples doors this season and participating in a choir? Write out the events that take place outside on a calendar so you have an idea of how hectic that week will be. Remembering that outdoor activities can be longer to get ready for because of all the extra layers to put in. For example, don’t plan a tree lighting outing when it’s your babies sleep time and your baby does not fall asleep outside in the cold (yes that happened to me.)


Write all the events that you will be celebrating this winter. Is it winter solstice? Are you celebrating Hanukkah? Are you celebrating Kwanzaa? Are you celebrating Christmas Day? St. Nicholas day? There are a lot of celebrations going around December especially, so whatever it is you’re celebrating, write those dates down as well.

Crafts and Baking

Are you making anything with your kids this year in terms of crafts? Are you making ornaments or gingerbread cookies? Are you baking bread or another special Christmas recipe? Once you have all the indoor crafts and baking list down you can start spreading them out during the winter season. You might like making hot chocolate with your kids and drinking it by the hot fire. Or making a hot meal for people that need it this cold time of year and serving it.

Inner work

Usually during this December month most of us are so busy but then January comes around and we just feel exhausted and need a reboot. Doing some inner work this winter is a great way to reflect on your kids and seeing where they are at in their interest and learning. It’s a great time to see within yourself what are some challenges that you are dealing with in your homeschooling and how to tackle those on. Inner work can mean a lot of different things to different people. It may be prayer time in the mornings, or a calming evening to drink tea and ponder. Maybe it’s reading a good book that pushes you or inspires you. Whatever it is, winter is a great way to get that into your rhythm.

I hope this gives you some framework to build on in your own winter rhythm. Once you have your dates and outings filled into your calendar, your daily rhythm can just be around food time and nap times. Winter is a very inward season so don’t feel like you have to do it all.

Take care!

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