Handwork for Small Hands

Within a Waldorf school typically by 1st grade children start some sort of handwork. Most likely it is knitting. I have not heard otherwise. What about things that your kindergartener can do beforehand on a homeschooling ground?

Finger Knitting

This is one of those things that seems easy but is harder to do for little hands. Once they master it then you will have endless supply of bracelets and long ropes. Instructions are pretty easy and can be found here. More complex finger knitting PDF can be found here.

Fun finger knitting projects for kids can be found here.

Knitting Tower

Once your child has done enough finger knitting projects then you can move on to a more complex Knitting tower. You can also make your own using popsicle sticks and a toilet paper roll. Free instructions and printable PDF can be found here. I also recommend using the Knitting fork that can be used as a simpler project. There are a few projects that kids can do with these including tails for animals, jump ropes, flowers, animals. Maybe there are new ones your child will create!

I love using pre-knitting as a way to keep my younger kids content while I work with the older ones. It is a skill that they will be building on through the years and has an almost calming effect.

Hope these help you!

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