Waldorf Play Scarves

When I bought the highly recommended Play Silks that is used in Waldorf pretend play, I was really skeptical. What are these children going to do with these scarves that seem to not be so exciting? Are they really going to use them? After much anticipation, the product arrived and needless to say, my kids use them everyday, all day.

Using imagination

The scarves can become many things such as:




Story scene set up

Drapes over forts

Mixing “food” for a feast

I have loved watching their imaginations just open up about how these are used.


You can get polyester scarves here that are around $26. They are a different material than the silk scarves from Sarah’s Silks and very different in price with $126. The difference really is in the whole “silk” that Waldorf likes to emphasize to the touch because it is a natural product. I just see it as a toy that my kids love and the polyester scarves are still very soft.

If you like crafting then you can DIY this and get silk from the fabric store and dye the material with fabric dye or other natural materials you like to use. Whatever you’d prefer.

I’ll be honest I use these in our homeschooling with forming letters on the ground and having my kids walk on them. We have used them as flags on a stick and peekaboo with baby. This is a great open ended toy that will definitely get a lot of use in your home.

Take care!

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