Getting Back to School

After a long break, the nasty virus flu that took over our whole family and a family emergency, I find myself needing to be back in our homeschooling rhythm. It is a hard thing to do, especially when there has been no co-op meetings or any type of school work for a while. I find myself craving a change from being indoors more. I hear this a typical thing that happens mid-year, referring to this stage as “mid-year burnout.” A very real term in the homeschooling world. Where do we go from here?

Mastering the basics

A lot of times in homeschooling, it is easy to get caught up in what we “should” be doing. There are other moms we compare ourselves to and their stamina during this time of year. But what if we just master the basics with our kids and just focus on math and English while we are in a transition? Some moms I talk to have this guilt that they are not doing enough with their kids but they are burn out themselves. Giving ourselves permission to just do the basics might just be good enough at this time.

School time change

The beauty of homeschooling is the flexibility. At times doing school work might be early in the morning, other times it might be in the middle of the day. Juggling multiple children can create a whole different rhythm. During this season of our lives we do school first thing in the morning, we get it done and focus on a more relaxed schedule the rest of the day. What does it look like for you this season?

Outdoors time

Here is a challenge for you this week… whenever you feel like you’re going to explode take your kids and yourself for a 20 min walk. Fresh air and walking seems to always melt the troubles away. Getting outside everyday gives you more energy and a nice needed break in the day. Maybe schedule some field trips during this season to be out of the house more. Field trips create a whole different learning opportunities and get together with friends.

January and February seem to be a really hard time for homeschooling families. Most of the time moms feel like giving up but have to find a way to keep going. Taking things at a slower pace and giving ourselves some lazy time has been really helpful to us. Some years we never truly get back to the stamina we had at the beginning of the year and that is ok.

What are some ways you get back into the homeschooling groove?

Take care!

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