A Waldorf Book Review

This book is always one to pop up in Waldorf circles, especially in kindergarten. The Tell Me a Story Waldorf storybook was recommend to me by a fellow homeschooling mom and I was really hesitant to buy this book in the beginning. I thought I can just find children stories online but ended up buying it anyways.

In our homeschooling journey so far this year using the Waldorf method, I have used this book more often than not. I prepare ahead of time for the story I am going to read for the week and plan my activities around the stories. So far we have been consistently

• using beeswax to model with a story content

• paint or draw from the story

• handcraft from the story

This has really helped to stretch my own creativity as well to try to look more closely at what my child really needs and think of activities that we can incorporate into our homeschool day.

I honestly never thought I would use this book but I use it all the time. There are so many great stories in there about seasons and nature that can be used with a kindergarten student. My kids really love the stories and they stick with them during the week.

It is also a great resource for a potential homeschooling co-op if you need story content.

Have you used it in your homeschooling? Do you like it?


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